• November

  • 25


  • The server is comming along nicely!

Server Update 1.0

The server is coming together really nicely we are having some problems with some of our plugins but we are working hard on trying to fix those problems. At the moment the spawn island is close to being finished and the casino island is also close to being done. One of the most difficult things we have to fulfil is the tutorial island. The tutorial island is a crucial part of the server. So we are really thinking it thru many times to make sure that when the server opens everyone understands the server and how it works.

  • November

  • 11


  • Some new features have been added to the website.

Website Update 1.0

The website is a work in progress project and we are working on setting the website and the buycraft up. But this website update allows you to vote on our server and allows you to read about our server and learn a lot about our server, we have also added a updates log where you can see all the updates that we are adding in-game to our server. We will add more updates to the update log as we go.